Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Recording/Performing with Toubab Krewe

  A couple months ago I led a horn session for Toubab Krewe with my boy Prince Polo at The Kennel in Bushwick BK.  Toubab Krewe is a great instrumental band that melds traditional Malian music with American music from the south, I'm happy to work with them!

We got the Ikebe Shakedown horns together for 3 tracks off their upcoming EP, it was a great experience.  The Toubab guys are all fun and humble guys, plus they're incredible musicians.  I can't wait for the EP to drop!  In the meantime, the Shakedown Horns played with them last evening at City Winery, it was a great time and the crowd was really into it (which helps when you're making it up on the spot).  Here's a clip, "John Hardy":

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