Thursday, July 18, 2013

Back on the road w/Monophonics (Northwest)

After just 4 days at home in BK after 6 weeks on the road I'm heading to the Northwest with Monophonics for a couple weeks!  This summer has been crazy.  Here's the tour schedule:

20th Reno, NV at XFEST @ Harrah’s Reno
21st Tahoe City, CA @ Commons Beach Music Series
22nd Chico, CA @ Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
25th Vancouver, BC @ Electric Owl
26th Duncan, BC @ Rock of the Woods Music Festival
27th Troutdale, OR @ Artful Giving Music Festival
28th Tidewater, OR @ Black Sheep Family Reunion
31st Missoula, MT @ Stage 112


1st Victor, ID @ Music on Main Concert Series
2nd Salt Lake City, UT @ The State Room
3rd Park City, UT @ Canyons Resort Concert Series
4th Huntsville, UT @ Snowbasin

Trombone on Action Bronson's new EP, prod. Harry Fraud (Warner Bros)

Catch me on Action Bronson's latest EP "Saaab Stories", produced by Harry Fraud. The track is called No Time, I blow over the (first) outro at 3:25. Action is definitely worth checking out if you're into old-school hip hop, I think he's talented and hilarious (and from Queens).

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Touring w/Monophonics (San Francisco Soul/Psych/Rock)

  Recently I've been lucky enough to tour with Monophonics, a great San Francisco-based Soul/Psych/Rock sextet.  Their recent album "In Your Brain" was released on Ubiquity Records, the same label as my band Ikebe Shakedown.  We toured The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Germany and had a blast, they're great dudes.  Tomorrow we start a US run from Wichita to Buffalo - no rest for the weary!

  Here's a video of Aretha's classic "Baby I Love You" from The Blues Garage in Isernhagen, Germany (I solo a bit after the 3:30 mark), and part of Sly Stone's "Underdog" from a wild club show in Paris.

Monday, June 3, 2013


  Once again I'll be touring a lot this summer, in fact in the last month I've been all over Europe with Streetlight Manifesto and Monophonics.  Soon I'll be heading out around the US with the same two groups - here's my general summer schedule highlights, full set from Streetlight in Paris below! (details here):

4/26 - 5/1 : France, Belgium, Germany w/Streetlight Manifesto

5/3 - 5/16 - Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany w/Monophonics

5/18 : New Jersey w/Streetlight Manifesto

5/23 - 5/29 : England, Scotland w/Streetlight Manifesto

6/7 - 6/16 : US Tour w/Monophonics

6/18 - 7/13 : US Tour w/Streetlight Manifesto

7/21 - 8/4 : US Tour w/Monophonics

Monday, March 11, 2013

Lots and Lots of Salsa

  I've always played a decent amount of salsa, but it's recently taken off!  I'm happy to be a first-call trombonist with La Excelencia & Grupo Arcano, and first sub with the Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra.  These are essentially the top 3 young salsa bands in NYC, it's an honor.  Here's some videos from the past few months of different gigs, all at SOB's (one of NYC's finest salsa venues)

LA EXCELENCIA - "YO LOS INVITO A GOZAR" (New song, 1st performance)



Sunday, January 20, 2013

Breakdown Brass Teaser Video!

My brass band Breakdown Brass recently recorded 2 singles straight to tape at Dunham Records in Brooklyn.  The sounds are HUGE but unfinished, so check out this teaser video in the meantime!  Camera audio only: